Echo Eliminator

Welcome to Echo Your one stop shop for soundproofing, noise control and acoustical materials. Echo Eliminator™ is an innovative sound proofing product from Acoustical Surfaces, Inc., that has a low price point, better acoustical performance than many other soundproofing materials on the market today. Made from 85% recycled cotton and mixed with Fire Retardants to make it Class A – nonflammable (Per ASTM E-84). Echo Eliminator is environmentally friendly “Green” and may qualify for LEED™ credits. Echo Eliminator is fungi, mold and mildew resistant, has no itchy fiberglass, no formaldehyde and no VOC’s and requires no warning label. Echo Eliminator has a Noise Reduction Coefficient NRC up to 1.15.

Echo Eliminator soundproofing wall panels and hanging baffles come in nine colors; White, Marble Light Blue, Light Grey, Beige, Graphite, Pure Blue, Burgundy, Navy Blue and Hunter Green. Sizes available are 1×1, 2×2, 2×4, 4×8 and custom sizes upon request. (1″ Thick panels available in #3lb or #6lb per cubic foot, 2″ Thick panels available in #3lb density only.)

Echo Eliminator can used in many soundproofing and noise control applications including but not limited to: School gymnasiums, cafeterias, classrooms, churches, multi-purpose rooms, community centers, acoustical backer for wood ceiling system, restaurants, offices, industrial applications, band rooms, gun ranges, photo studios, recording studios.