Echo Eliminator

Echo Eliminator™ Testimonials

  1. Testimonials for Noise S.T.O.P. Echo Eliminator™ BAC Bonded Acoustical Cotton

  2. Testimonial for Acoustical Treatment Installation at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, MO

  3. Testimonial for Noise S.T.O.P. Echo Eliminator™ BAC Bonded Acoustical Cotton and Noise S.T.O.P. Diffusor Panels

  4. Testimonial for Noise S.T.O.P. Echo Eliminator™ BAC Bonded Acoustical Cotton and Duct V-Max Vibration Damper Used on a Customized Dodge Sprinter Van

  5. New York Photo Studio used Echo Eliminator™ to solve the Reverberation Problem While Maintaining the Existing Aesthetic of the Studio

  6. Cornerstone Fellowship Chapel in Livermore, California

  7. Studio Bau:ton Design Opens Doors to Imagination

  8. Networking NPR West

  9. Four Rivers Charter School

  10. Worrell Product Development Team, Design Studio “Overbearing Echo” Problem Solved

  11. Echo Eliminator™ BAC Bonded Acoustical Cotton Panels Die Cut to Create an Uninterrupted Wave Around a Multi-purpose Room

  12. Fellowship Hall Acoustics Under Control

  13. The Problematic Gym

  14. Sound Problem Solved in Clubhouse Lounge

  15. Church Gymnasium Acoustical Problem Solved

  16. New Life Church Solves Acoustical Problem with Echo Eliminator™ Acoustical Panels & Wallmate®

  17. Bethel Lutheran Solves Band’s Acoustical Problem with Wallmate® and Echo Eliminator™ Installation

  18. Echo Eliminator™ Acoustical Ceiling Tiles Solves Reverberation Problem

  19. Home Theater Acoustical Problem Solved

  20. Dance Studio “Bad Echo Problem” Solved with Echo Eliminator™ Wall Panels

  21. Fedora Studios Uses Echo Eliminator™ and Wallmate®

  22. Weather Studio Echo Problem Made “Fidelity-Perfect” with Echo Eliminator™

  23. School Uses 1″ Echo Eliminator™ to Reduce Gym Echo Problem

  24. Echo Eliminator™Worked Great for TV Studio

  25. Harsh “Echo Chamber Feeling” Eliminator with Echo Eliminator™ in Print Shop

  26. A Capella Singing Group Builds Practice/Recording Studio in Rental Space with RSIC-1 Clips™ and Echo Eliminator™ Acoustical Panels

  27. Acoustical/Reverberation/Echo Problems for Home Studio/Practice Room SOLVED

  28. School of Rock Music Facilities & Recording Studios